Laughter is the best medicine

Image from Pexels Laughter is the best medicine. How many times have we heard this phrase? Experts say it’s good for our health. Among other benefits, it boosts the immune system, relaxes the muscles, and reduces stress by releasing endorphins, making you feel less burdened. I’m a firm believer of this theory. Who doesn’t need… Continue reading Laughter is the best medicine

Finding inspiration in the simple things

About a year ago I posted about my own experience finding inspiration in the places I visit: Have travel, Will write. That was at the height of the pandemic, when traveling was still a distant vision. But by this spring, my wanderlust was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. One trip to Italy last September hardly qualified… Continue reading Finding inspiration in the simple things

Tackling the second novel. From climbing a hill to scaling a mountain.

Image by Pixel2013, Pixabay Writing a book is hard work. I didn’t realize how hard until I started writing my second one. Writing my first book was fairly easy – like walking up a steep hill and slipping and falling a few times along the way. But that was all right, because no one was… Continue reading Tackling the second novel. From climbing a hill to scaling a mountain.

Misty Dreams

Reposting a wonderful 5-star review of Misty Dreams from the amazing

Hepzibah Becca Jael

Jael's Reviews

Misty Dreams
Josephine Strand

Rating: 💙💙💙💙💙/5

How could words have the power to both melt my heart and hurt me at the same time? she asked herself. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Nineteen year old Richard’s medical mind took over while the reindeer and sleigh came crashing down on the little girl while he was playing as Santa. No one knew the little girl and so he named her Misty for myste®ious and visited her with his primate pet Molly when ever he could catch a second. But she was snatched away from him and his world and life never was the same again!

When Richard(36) sees a chaotic painting in Manhattan he takes a decision to go to St. Isabel based on the painting and it was signed C.E so when he meets Courtney Elliott he doesn’t know if he should ask her about the…

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My author interview on March 19, 2022, courtesy of author Jill Piscitello INTERVIEW: What was the inspiration behind your latest release?  The idea for the story came from a series I wrote in my late twenties. In between caring for my daughter and helping my husband in his business, I wrote several novellas set in a vacation resort on a tropical island. It was superficial, frivolous… Continue reading My author interview on March 19, 2022, courtesy of author Jill Piscitello

An Unexpected Visitor

Image by Katerina Kerdi, Unsplash Taking a page from an article I read on The Writer blog: Resurrect your darlings: How to recycle deleted material from your manuscript, I decided to ‘resurrect’ some of my deleted material from the original MISTY DREAMS draft and post it here. This is the second in the series. For… Continue reading An Unexpected Visitor

Fields of Poppies and Other Childhood Memories

How many times do we come across an image that reminds us of something we experienced in the past? Imagine a vast green field scattered with bright red poppies as far as the eye can see. It may sound unoriginal and travelblog-ish, perhaps, but for me it has great meaning. Poppies represent one of the… Continue reading Fields of Poppies and Other Childhood Memories