Misty Dreams

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“What happened to Clare as a child is still locked away inside her brain. Her mind is blocking out the traumatic events of her kidnapping. But is it the face of her kidnapper she’s afraid to remember, or is it something closer to home?”


Misty Dreams by Josephine Strand captures the stories of two lost souls looking for answers. Richard Kelly is a famous neurosurgeon and an outstanding member of the medical field. His accomplishments are known throughout the world. One would think he has it all, but to Richard, everything has fallen apart. His ex-wife wanted him on a pedestal befitting his position in society, though her betrayal hurts far worse. Drawn to a painting by the mysterious C.E., Richard goes on a hunt to find the person behind the name. Clare lives a secluded life on the island of St. Isabel. The orphanage where she works is the one haven where her missing memories can’t find her—or so she thinks until Richard mistakenly wanders onto her private beach. His appearance brings more questions than answers. But what they don’t know is their pasts also become their future.
Josephine Strand writes a gripping narrative of how one small mistake can lead to big consequences. Many readers can relate to wanting more—be it forgotten dreams or lost loves—and hoping to find happiness amidst the loss. What’s great is how Strand connects all the pieces and ties the plot in a pretty bow. I wasn’t left wanting more, because everything had a place in the story line. Moreover, the book cover of Misty Dreams has more than one meaning. Not only do you learn that Josephine Strand is an artist and painted it herself, but her character’s backstory is wrapped up in the artwork as well. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is well thought out and designed to draw the reader in. __ Reviewed By Hayley Haun for Readers’ Favorite


This is a subtle blend of exotic background (full disclosure: I live in New Mexico so yes, Florida does seem exotic to me), interesting characters, a years-old mystery, a twisty plot, family love and family conflict, and there’s no sex, though there is romance. I don’t recall there’s even any bad language. At the same time, Misty Dreams doesn’t have that painfully proper, starchy feel some clean novels have. It’s also well-written, which is not a given even with some very popular, highly touted books. This is Ms. Strand’s first novel, and I’m impressed. Kathleen Buckley, Author



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